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Help choosing the right cover for you and your family providing mortgage repayment solutions should the worst happen.

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Tailored, affordable insurance protection for your home. Offering quotes from a range of leading insurers.

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It’s easy to get yourself into debt but the key is guarding against that one situation and having the protection to get you out of it.

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Our aim is to save you a huge amount of time in shopping around for insurance and protection and we aim to save you money too by shopping around the whole of the market for you each time throughout your life when you need to source a new deal.

No 2 people have exactly the same protection needs and that’s why your policy or policies will be tailored to you and your exact needs. Your policy will be bespoke to you and you only.

Competitive Life Insurance Quotes

Everyone has slightly different needs and propositions so I build a plan to fit all your needs!
Our Insurance and protection is reviewable should your circumstances change
All have slightly different propositions but I can build a plan for all of your needs! • Aegon • AIG • Aviva • Canada Life • Guardian • Legal and General • Liverpool Victoria • Royal London • Scottish Widows • The Exeter • Vitality • Zurich
We will scan the best provoders and esnure you get the most suitable policies at the best values.

Decreasing Term Life Cover

Most commonly linked to your repayment mortgage. Life insurance helps give your family financial protection should you pass away within the policy term and leaves a lump sum behind to either settle off any mortgage balance or maintain their standard of living. The amount of cover will decrease as your mortgage term decreases with the policy eventually finishing at £0 just like your mortgage balance.

Level Term Life Cover

Level term life insurance is a type of insurance that pays out a cash sum if you die during the time your policy runs. The amount paid out is the same whether you’re near the start or end of your policy. This cover will be more expensive than a decreasing term policy. Other things that will affect how much you pay for your premiums include:
• Your age
• Your height and weight
• If you smoke
• Your lifestyle – including how much you drink
• Your medical history

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover protects you when you are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, or suffer a heart attack or stroke. The lump sum can provide valuable financial support and could be used to pay household bills, cover loss of earnings or pay for private medical treatment. The value of the cover can be tailored to suit your personal needs.

Relevant Life Cover

A relevant life plan offers a cost-effective way for an employer to arrange a term assurance on the life an employee including directors. It is designed to pay a lump sum benefit payable to the employee’s family should they die or is diagnosed with a terminal illness while employed during the term of the policy.
A relevant life policy can be tailored to our specific needs and the cost to a business is often much less than the individual arranging a similar life policy and is generally allowed as a business expense by HMRC, where premiums and paid benefits qualify for full income tax relief, national insurance relief and corporation tax relief.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

Buildings insurance will cover the physical structure of your property and contents cover will protect your possessions such at TV, furniture, gadgets, jewellery and clothes from theft or damage. You will have an excess on your policy which you can reduce or increase when setting up and this can affect the cost of the premium. In the event of a claim, you will have to have to pay your excess or this can be deducted from any claim pay-out.

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